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JR Lang from InternetSlayers.com is nothing short of amazing. She pulls together these insanely huge PLR bundles that cover everything from articles to video and everything in between.

And she has done it again with this amazing Women’s Self Care PLR Bundle.


Why It Matters

Many women have their plates full. They not only work full time but they are also taking care of children and family members, taking care of a home, and taking care of any unexpected crisis their week brings them. With all of that caretaking, many times women fail to take care of themselves. The irony is that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t properly take care of anyone else.

As of September 2017, these are just some of the monthly searches for Women’s Self Care

  • Women Care – 5116
  • Self Care – 4435
  • Self Talk – 3259
  • Take Care Yourself – 1134
  • Health Tips  – 8882
  • Health Tips for Women – 1091
  • Women Health Issues – 1134
  • Women Wellness – 887

That’s more than 25,000 searches a month on the Self Care Topic.  And these are based around the exact topics JR is offering in this bundle


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What You Get

• 15 Articles:
1. 5 Questions to Assess Your Level of Self Care
2. Mind-Body Exercises that Promote Your Wellness
3. 9 Steps to Create Life Balance for Inner Peace and Mental Calm
4. Ladies: What is Stopping You From Taking Care of Yourselves
5. Relaxation: The Ultimate Relief for Your Hectic Life
6. Women’s Wellness: Finding Me Time
7. Positive Self Talk Helps Women Care for Themselves
8. Why Women are More Prone to Mental Health Issues Throughout Life
9. 10 Ways to Improve the Care of Yourself
10. 5 Ways to Prevent Burnout for Busy Women
11. Busy Women: 5 Guaranteed Antidotes for Chronic Stress
12. 4 Self Care Rituals You Can Work Into Your Busy Day
13. Finding Daily Spontaneous Moments for Self Care
14. 5 Tips to Set Your Mind Towards Self Care
15. Setting Boundaries: A Key Skill for Self Care
• Women’s Wellness eBook: The Art & Science of Self Care
• Women’s Self Care Autoresponder
• Report – 101 Ways to Care for Yourself
• Report – 101 Must Have Health Tips for Women
• Report – Positive Self Talk: A Key Aspect of Self Care for Women
• Self Care Assessment Test
• 2 Women’s Self Care Checklists
• HD Video: Self Care Yoga Breathing and 5 Minute Routine
• 2 Editable Videos
1. Women’s Wellness: 10 Key Ways to Care for Yourself
2. Positive Self Talk
• 4 Infographics
• 25 Social Media Updates
• 100+ Graphics


Your Bonuses from WholeFoodPLR 
• Getting Started with Smoothies Report
• Getting Started with Smoothies Opt in Page
• Healing Depression with Whole Foods Report
• Healing Depression with Whole Foods Opt in Page
• Yoga for the Whole Food Vegan Report
• Yoga for the Whole Food Vegan Report Opt in Page
• 10 Whole Food Plant Based Weight Loss Articles
• Whole Food Plant Based Weight Loss Report
• Whole Food Plant Based Weight Loss Report Opt in Page
• Whole Food Plant Based Weight Loss Powerpoint Slides
• Whole Food Plant Based Weight Loss Webinar Handout
• Whole Food Plant Based Weight Loss Webinar Speaking Points

If you bought these from WholeFoodPLR today, it would cost more than $80 but they are our gift to you when you grab JR’s amazing offer.


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