Yoga for the Whole Food Vegan

A report and Opt in Page based around Yoga for the Whole Food Plant Based Vegan

Report: Yoga for the Whole Food Plant Based Vegan
(14 pages, 4421 words)

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Chapter 1 – Why Yoga?
  5. Chapter 2 – How Food Fuels the Body
  6. Chapter 3 – Why the Whole Food Plant Based Diet is Perfect for Yoga
  7. Chapter 4 – Yoga Essentials
  8. Chapter 5 – How to Make Yoga Part of Your Everyday Life
  9. Conclusion



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Sample 1

“The connection we have with our bodies is a powerful one. So powerful that people are able to lower their blood pressure, increase their concentration, and even increase their confidence just by figuring out how to tap into the connection they have with their inner self. We might not realize it, but most of us are not in tune with ourselves. Instead of understanding what our bodies are trying to say to us, we tend to be so busy with our daily lives that we lose the ability to ‘check in’ with ourselves. Sadly, the longer this goes on the harder it is to re-establish this connection.”

Sample 2

“Eating the right foods is not just important while you are working out, it is also important in the day to day life that you live between your workouts. For instance, let’s say that you go through each day without consciously thinking of the foods you are eating. You want to get into shape so the days when you go to the gym, you are sure to eat a plant based snack just before your workout and you are always sure to hydrate right after. Sure, you may feel good in the moment, you may even feel good after your workout, but that doesn’t mean that you are any closer to being healthy. Everything that you have just accomplished in your yoga practice is diminished the second you stop eating for your body, making anything that you have accomplished on your yoga mat a temporary feeling at best.”


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