Are You Ready to Teach Your Audience the Power of Whole Food?

Right now,  thousands  of  people  are  struggling  to  eat  healthy.

As the holidays approach, that number will continue to grow...  


Now YOU  Have the Power to Help Them 


We have done ALL the research, we have created ALL the content, we have even BUILT the webpage for you. You just have to put your name on it and claim it as your own!

How Can You Make This Work for You Today?

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    Get your audience talking about Whole Food Thanksgiving. Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to generate even more buzz!

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    Build trust easily by teaching something valuable. Our videos are filled with tips to help your audience stay Whole Food Focused during the busy Thanksgiving season.

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    After you have proved yourself to your audience, send them to our pre-made opt-in page so they can grab their free report.


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    Once they have opted in to your report, invite them to your webinar using our three pronged webinar strategy. You get powerpoint slides, speaking points, and a webinar handout for guests. This is a great way to build audience interaction and capture their attention!

What's Included in this PLR ?

*Note - this bundle was originally released in 2016, but never made it to the store. Now you can get it for more than 70% off Retail Price.

  • 10 High Quality Articles

    1) Cooking for Your Family and Friends that Don’t Follow Your Whole Food Lifestyle     2) Dealing with Family Questions About Your Whole Lifestyle                                               3) Dining Out While Eating Whole                                                                                                 4) Easy Ways to Make Eating Whole Fun for Kids at Thanksgiving                                         5) Easy Whole Food Meal Ideas for Your Busy Thanksgiving Schedule                                   6) How to Be Whole When Staying with Non Whole Family                                                   7) Keeping Whole During the Busy Holiday Season                                                                   8) Keeping Your Family on Whole Foods While Traveling                                                       9) Vegetarian Whole Food Thanksgiving Ideas                                                                           10) Whole Food Freezer Meals that You Can Make for the Holidays

  • Report - Whole Foods Thanksgiving Table

    8 pages, 3601 words. Topics Include:

    1) Planning your whole foods Thanksgiving meal                                                                       2) How to shop whole during the holidays                                                                                     3) Finding holiday whole food deals                                                                                               4) Whole foods approved food list for the holidays                                                                     5) Whole food Thanksgiving breakfast and dessert ideas                                                           And More!

  • Webinar Powerpoint Slides

    Beautiful Webinar Powerpoint Slides


  • Webinar Speaking Points


  • Webinar Handout


  • Opt In Report Page


    HTML Format

  • 10 Social Media Images


Easy Ways You Can Make Money with this PLR

  • Add a resource page to the report, filled with your affiliate links

  • Turn the articles into a PDF and sell it at a low cost at the webinar

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*Note - this bundle was originally released in 2016, but never made it to the store. 

What Are People Saying About the Whole Food Thanksgiving Bundle?

This package makes it easy for anyone to take this content and run with it! The holidays are sneaking up on us. For those of us on our"Journey to Health" and those who share on our blogs, this is perfect. You seem to have hit all pertinent topics from dining out, traveling, grocery shopping, snacking, cooking, etc.......You covered it all!                This will certainly help alleviate any of the struggles many families go through this time of the year.

Top quality, well written content articles, videos and images with great Bonuses. You've put together an awesome package. Thank you for doing that!

Wendy Wilkes
Wendy Wilkes

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it. I think it is the most comprehensive PLR package that I have ever seen. Not only did I get Word documents but Text docs as well, which is so important if you want to spin the articles, and which are best for uploading to websites as Word documents can so often cause incorrect formatting when uploading. The articles are well written, easy to understand and easy to read which is important if you want to give visitors to your site an enjoyable experience.

Ray Posner
Ray Posner

This comprehensive new package includes everything you need to provide your readers with high-value content on the much-sought-after concept of whole foods eating. As a certified health coach who teaches a whole foods lifestyle, I'm always looking for PLR on this topic that I can recommend to my clients. I've been a member of since Rachel started it because she consistently delivers content I'm pleased to share. And it saves me time, energy and money.

Now, what really makes this PLR bundle stand out is a PowerPoint webinar presentation complete with slides, speaking points, a participant handout and the slide images, which could also be used in social media, newsletters, fliers, Facebook ads, etc. The presentation explores the same themes as the articles, so in addition to the main speaking points, you also have material to expand on those ideas if needed. I really like the way the presentation is geared for audience participation and interaction. The accompanying handout asks participants to answer questions based on precisely what they're learning in the webinar. This takes the material from theoretical to actionable. Participants will leave with an actual plan to implement what they've just learned, adding huge value to the content. You don't often see a triple-pronged webinar like this included in a PLR bundle; this presentation really sets the package apart.

MaryLouise English
MaryLouise English

$69.95  $49.95 Today

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*Note - this bundle was originally released in 2016, but never made it to the store. 

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