Whole Food Halloween

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10 PLR articles about Whole Food Halloween:
(Word and .txt format)

  1. Fun Costume Ideas that Promote Whole Foods – 421 words
  2. Whole Food Halloween Cupcake Ideas and Baking Replacements – 651 words
  3. Staying Whole During Halloween – 507 words
  4. Whole Food Cookie Ideas – 491 words
  5. Halloween Smoothies – 576 words
  6. Whole Food Versions of Popular Halloween Treats – 533 words
  7. Whole Food Ingredients that are Halloween Friendly – 560 words
  8. Whole Food Halloween Breakfast Ideas – 494 words
  9. Whole Food Chocolate Treats – 488 words
  10. Easy Whole Food  Halloween Pumpkin Recipes – 569 words


Report – Whole Food Halloween – 14 pages, 4040 words

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Easy to Make Whole Food Halloween Candies and Treats
  • Chapter 2 – Whole Food Halloween Dinner Ideas
  • Chapter 3 – Planning Your Whole Food Halloween Party
  • Chapter 4 – Halloween Recipes Kids Can Make
  • Chapter 5 – Halloween Lunch Treats
  • Chapter 6 – Whole Food Halloween Pot Luck Ideas
  • Conclusion


Report Opt In Page:


Social Media Images


Checklist – 


Checklist – Easy Halloween Treats for Whole Food Lovers







For Meat Eaters



Sample 1

“Halloween is a time of food, friends, and frights. But when you are a parent, particularly a whole foods parent, some parts of the Halloween fun can be a bit of  challenge. When your children come home with bags of goodies that they are not able to eat because they are not whole foods friendly, then it can pose a big problem for you as a parent. On one hand you want to allow them to enjoy the same treats that their friends are enjoying, but on the other hand you want your children to be as excited about eating healthy as they are about eating the unhealthy Halloween candy they have collected. If you are struggling with keeping your child on the whole foods path during Halloween, here are some easy costumes that will make healthy eating fun.”

Sample 2

“Not all foods are pretty, even healthy foods. This means that you either have to be sure that the taste of the recipe makes up for its looks or you have to find a way to make those unappealing foods look more appealing. Whole foods are no different. Thankfully when done right, whole foods can look downright attractive.  This makes them perfect for making elegant dinners and eye catching desserts. And if you choose to go in the other direction, finding something more eerie or haunting for your Halloween feast, whole foods can help you there as well.”



For Meat Eaters


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