Whole Food Christmas Mega Bundle

Christmas can be the most challenging time of year for whole food eaters. They want to eat healthy, they want to keep their families eating healthy, but it is simply overwhelming during the busy Christmas season.


Wouldn't it be great if  YOU could be the one to help them when they need it most?



We have done ALL the research, we have created ALL the content, we have even BUILT the webpage for you. You just have to put your name on it and claim it as your own!

How Can You Make This Work for You Today?

  • Add the Images to Social Media

    Get your audience talking about Whole Food Thanksgiving. Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to generate even more buzz!

  • Add the Videos to Youtube

    Build trust easily by teaching something valuable. Our videos are filled with tips to help your audience stay Whole Food Focused during the busy Thanksgiving season.

  • Send them to your Opt In Page to Grab Their Free Report

    After you have proved yourself to your audience, send them to our pre-made opt-in page so they can grab their free report.


  • Invite Them to Your Webinar

    Once they have opted in to your report, invite them to your webinar using our three pronged webinar strategy. You get powerpoint slides, speaking points, and a webinar handout for guests. This is a great way to build audience interaction and capture their attention!

What's Included in this PLR ?

*Note - this bundle was originally released in 2016, but never made it to the store. Now you can get it for more than 60% off Retail Price.

  • 10 High Quality Articles

    1) 4 Whole Foods Approved Holiday Drinks   
    2) Cheat Day During the Christmas Season Yay or Nay  
    3) Holiday Inspired Fruits and Veggie Snacks  
    4) How Being Whole on Christmas Prepares You for Your New Year’s Resolution  
    5) New Year Planning – How to Prepare for Whole 30 After the Holidays  
    6) Should You Start the Whole Foods Diet During the Holidays  7) The Importance of Staying Whole for Christmas  
    8) Type of Whole Foods Christmas Cookies  
    9) Whole Foods Christmas Party Ideas  
    10) Ideas for Whole Foods Stocking Stuffers
  • Report - Whole Food Christmas

    5 pages, 2152 words. 
    Topics Include:
    1) Christmas Eve Whole Food Ideas
    2) Christmas Breakfast Whole Food Ideas 
    3) Christmas Dinner Whole Food Ideas 
    4) Christmas Desserts Whole Food Ideas 
    5) Tips for Staying Whole During Christmas
    6) And More
  • Webinar Powerpoint Slides

    Beautiful Webinar Powerpoint Slides

  • Webinar Speaking Points

  • Webinar Handout

  • Opt In Report Page

    HTML Format

  • 10 Social Media Images

Easy Ways You Can Make Money with this PLR

  • Add a resource page to the report, filled with your affiliate links

  • Turn the articles into a PDF and sell it at a low cost at the webinar

  • Create a free webinar series, using the different articles as webinar topics

  • Give your Affiliates a discount code on your product! This will motivate them to sell and bring easy leads into your sales funnel

  • Turn your bonus PLR into complete products to sell during your webinar

  • Add affiliate links to the bonus PLR product recommendations and review them on the webinar


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*Note - this bundle was originally released in 2016, but never made it to the store. 

What Do Happy Customers Say About Our PLR ?

I think the biggest surprise was that the package also included videos and PowerPoint slides as well as speaker notes. These PowerPoint slides  and notes  are for use in a webinar but how good is it that they are already prepared for you.

Ray Posner
Ray Posner ShoppingBestFinds.com

As a certified health coach who teaches a whole foods lifestyle, I'm always looking for PLR on this topic that I can recommend to my clients. I've been a member of WholeFoodPLR.com since Rachel started it because she consistently delivers content I'm pleased to share. And it saves me time, energy and money.

MaryLouise English
MaryLouise English RevitalizeHolisticHealth.com


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*Note - this bundle was originally released in 2016, but never made it to the store. 

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