Paleo Pink

A report and Opt in Page based around Paleo for Breast Cancer

Report: Paleo Pink (15 pages, 4977 words)

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Chapter 1 – The Link Between Cancer and Food
  5. Chapter 2 – Paleo Foods that Shrink Cancer Cells
  6. Chapter 3 – Paleo Foods to Soothe Chemo Effects
  7. Chapter 4 – Remission and Beyond
  8. Conclusion



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Sample 1

“Here’s the thing about our bodies, they want us to be healthy. No matter how loved you are there is no person on earth who is going to fight for you the same way that your body will. Think about it, our amazing body literally gives everything it has to keeping you healthy and lengthening your life. Yet ironically we are conditioned to treat our bodies with less respect than we treat many of the people in our lives.”

Sample 2

“There is nothing to prepare you for having cancer. This is the kind of news that can knock you off of your feet and completely turn your world upside down. Every year thousands of people have sat in your shoes. They have received the news that no one ever wants to receive and they have had to come to terms with a new, and very often scary, way of living.”


$19.95  $9.95