Paleo New Year

Because the articles in this pack are based around one topic, you can use them to make content fast and
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10 PLR articles about being Paleo in the New Year:
(Word and .txt format)

  1. Setting Your Days Up for Success – 549 words
  2. Eat Consciously – 524 words
  3. Make a Commitment to Sweat Daily – 496 words
  4. Start Fresh by Cleaning Out Your Kitchen
  5. Alcohol and Paleo – 584 words
  6. Set Your Paleo New Year’s Resolutions – 509 words
  7. Getting Started with Crossfit – 565 words
  8. Speak Kindly to Yourself – 444 words
  9. Should Paleo Be Your New Year’s Resolution? – 441 words
  10. Tracking Your Paleo Progress – 471 words
  11. BonusĀ Make Room for Success in Your Life – 534 words

Bonus #1: Report – Paleo New Year – 11 pages, 4114 words

Bonus #2: Power Point slides you can use for your presentation or webinar on Paleo-friendly holiday celebrations.

Bonus #3: Webinar Speaking Points


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Sample 1

“Mindless eating, we have all done it. You are running late to work so you grab something on the way. You find yourself getting home later than planned so you order pizza to take the burden of cooking off of you. Or maybe you are emotionally depressed and exhausted due to something traumatic that has happened and you are doing everything you can to just get through each day. In each of these cases food is the last thing on your mind, your focus is simply ‘getting through’ whatever you are faced with in the moment, that could be something as simple as feeding the family dinner or something as damaging as going through a divorce.”

Sample 2

“Figuring out what you want for yourself in the new year is important. Whether it is finances, love, career, or health, your new year’s resolutions are a chance for you to get a fresh start in life. Even though having resolutions is great, keeping resolutions can be an entirely different story. More often than not, people fail to keep their resolutions. Not because they didn’t want to, not because they were lazy or unmotivated simply because they weren’t crystal clear with their goals and what it would take to reach them.”


Report: 11 pages, 4,114 words, Includes:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Chapter 1 – Starting Fresh
  4. Chapter 2 – Changing Your Relationship with Food
  5. Chapter 3 – Changing Your Relationship with Yourself
  6. Chapter 4 – Changing Your Relationship with Those Around You
  7. Chapter 5 – Taking Small Steps Towards a Paleo Life


Powerpoint Slides:



Webinar Speaking Points:


10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Make Money From This Pack:

  1. Add pictures and personal stories to the report to sell
  2. Use the topics for your podcast
  3. Create your next blog series
  4. Pull quotes from the articles to use as social media tweets or Facebook posts
  5. Create a webinar script and give away something at the end (perhaps the short report created in #1?)
  6. Add the quotes to photos to engage instagram and pinterest followers
  7. Make an email autoresponder series
  8. Turn them into interview questions and turn your interview into a Kindle book
  9. Use them as forum topics to connect with others in your niche
  10. Create Periscope or Youtube series showing how these articles relate to your life


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