Paleo for Weight Loss

Paleo for Weight Loss spiral ecoverBecause the articles in this pack are based around one topic, you can use them to make content fast and create multiple products fast. Meaning you will be able to profit from this PLR quickly and easily.

10 PLR articles about Paleo for Weight Loss:
(Word and .txt format)

  1. Welcome to Your New Way of Life – 724 words
  2. How to Tweak Paleo to Lose Weight – 617 words
  3. How to Be Successful with a Paleo Lifestyle – 597 words
  4. To Workout or Not to Workout – 745 words
  5. Batch Cooking – 682 words
  6. Become a Water Warrior – 634 words
  7. The Benefit of Superfoods – 451 words
  8. Paleo Detoxifying Foods You Should Eat Every Day – 511 words
  9. Success and Rewards – 484 words
  10. Paleo Foods that Shrink the Stomach – 623 words
  11. Bonus – The Target Heart Rate Controversy – 517 words

Bonus All articles bundled into a Report:
19 pages, 7,756 words. Includes:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Chapter 1: Welcome to Your New Life
  4. Chapter 2: How to Tweak Paleo to Lose Weight
  5. Chapter 3: How to Be Successful with a Paleo Lifestyle
  6. Chapter 4: To Workout or Not to Workout
  7. Chapter 5: The Target Heart Rate Controversy
  8. Chapter 6: Batch Cooking
  9. Chapter 7: Become a Water Warrior
  10. Chapter 8: The Benefits of Superfoods
  11. Chapter 9: Paleo Detoxifying Foods You Should Eat Every Day
  12. Chapter 10: Success and Rewards
  13. Chapter 11: Paleo Foods that Shrink the Stomach
  14. Conclusion

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Bonus 20 Social Media Posts to Use on Twitter and Facebook

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Sample 1

“If you are like most people, you might be thinking that starting a paleo journey will allow you to lose weight quickly. There is nothing wrong with thinking this way, for most of us ditching the processed foods is enough to trigger a good amount of natural weight loss. But at some point your body will adjust to your new way of eating and your weight loss might start to slow because of it. When this happens, you should look at your current activity levels. The people who are the most successful on the paleo diet tend to be those who are the most physically active.”


Sample 2

“When most people think of water, they think about hydrating their system. But the reality is that water does more than just hydrate the system, it actually flushes the system. What’s the difference? Hydrating is essentially adding moisture or water to something, while flushing means that there is so much water in the system that it literally pushes the bad things out of your system.”


10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Make Money From This Pack:

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  3. Create your next blog series
  4. Pull quotes from the articles to use as social media tweets or Facebook posts
  5. Create a webinar script and give away something at the end (perhaps the short report created in #1?)
  6. Add the quotes to photos to engage instagram and pinterest followers
  7. Make an email autoresponder series
  8. Turn them into interview questions and turn your interview into a Kindle book
  9. Use them as forum topics to connect with others in your niche
  10. Create Periscope or Youtube series showing how these articles relate to your life


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