Paleo for Muscle Building

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Includes: Articles, Report, Powerpoint, Webinar Speaking Points, Webinar Handout, Report Covers

10 PLR articles about Paleo for Muscle Building:
(Word and .txt format)

  1. What’s so Important About Muscle Building – 473 words
  2. Muscle Building Supplements  – 634 words
  3. Planning Your Muscle Building Workouts – 632 words
  4. Choosing Your Paleo Protein Powder – 502 words
  5. Secrets for Muscle Building Success – 650 words
  6. Get a Personal Trainer – 668 words
  7. Why You Should Start a Food Journal – 683 words
  8. Muscle Building – Women Vs Men – 489 words
  9. Creating the Female Muscle – 596 words
  10. Overtraining, The Good, Bad, and Ugly – 463 words
  11. Bonus The Importance of Cross Training – 469 words


Report – Muscle Building Quick Start Guide  – 16 pages, 5306 words

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Counting Protein
  • Chapter 2 – Eating for Muscle
  • Chapter 3 – Finding Your Perfect Workout
  • Chapter 4 – The Mental Game of Muscle Building


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Power Point slides you can use for your presentation or webinar


Webinar Speaking Points:



Webinar Handout:



Bonus – Checklist “Creating Your Home Gym”

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Sample 1

“As you get older, there is an inevitable decline in overall muscle mass. This is why it is so important that you continue to build and maintain your muscle mass throughout your life, so that you are able to maintain optimal health and well-being both now and in the future. While it is important to start caring for your body early on, the muscle deterioration process really begins to accelerate after age 50, meaning people in their thirties and forties still have time to help themselves during their golden years.”

Sample 2

“Diet is crucial to your overall health and muscle building success. A diet rich in paleo foods will be the foundation of your health and muscle building success. But at some point you will likely need more in order to see the results that you are looking for, and that is where supplements come in.  While you should always be careful of the supplements that you take, Creatine, caffeine, branched-chain amino acids, whey protein, glutamine, and fish oils have all been around for a long time and have proven to be safe and effective.”


Order Now – $27.00


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