Paleo for Beginners

Because the articles in this pack are based around one topic, you can use them to make content fast and create multiple products quickly. Meaning you will be able to profit from this PLR quickly and easily.

10 PLR articles about Paleo for Beginners:

  1. Your Paleo Plate – 486 words
  2. Is It Paleo? – 577 words
  3. Simple Paleo Kitchen Tools You Will Use Everyday – 559 words
  4. Organizing Your Paleo Kitchen – 543 words
  5. Paleo Workouts – 545 words
  6. Getting Your Family on Board with Your Paleo Lifestyle – 544 words
  7. Your Paleo Transition – 604 words
  8. Success Is All About Community – 466 words
  9. Paleo on a budget – 520 words
  10. Why Paleo – 523 words

10 Bonus Paleo PLR articles:

  1. Easy Switches to Start Your Paleo Life – 538 words
  2. Easy Tips for Planning Your Meals – 704 words
  3. Eating Out While Eating Paleo – 572 words
  4. How to Be A Smart Paleo Cheater – 553 words
  5. Paleo Diet for Diabetes – 466 words
  6. Paleo Kids – 620 words
  7. Paleo Kitchen Gadgets – 567 words
  8. Paleo on a Budget (#2) – 727 words
  9. What All Your Paleo Meals Should Have – 406 words
  10. Why Buying Organic Is Critical For Your Success – 654 words

Report – Paleo for Beginners  – 14 pages, 4454 words

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Your Mindset Matters
  • Chapter 2 – Starting Steps
  • Chapter 3 – Your Week One Plan
  • Chapter 4 – Your Week Two Plan
  • Chapter 5 – Week Three and Beyond
  • Conclusion

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Sample 1

“If you’re going to make the transition to the paleo diet, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right tools in your kitchen. The number of kitchen gadgets out there is staggering, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, living paleo doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune on new kitchen appliances. In fact, most paleo kitchen gadgets are things you have in your kitchen right now.”

Sample 2

“It’s never easy to transition into a new lifestyle. It takes work, dedication, and most importantly patience. But it is important to remember that you aren’t just changing your lifestyle, you are changing your life. It took time to get where you are in life, good and bad, and it will take time to steer your life in a new direction. The good news is once you start fueling your body with food, you will begin to see amazing changes, not just in your body but in your mental clarity and energy levels as well. Before you can get there though, you have to start with the transition into paleo foods.”


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