Paleo For Athletes

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10 PLR articles about Paleo for Athletes:
(Word and .txt format)

  1. Why Athletes Choose Paleo – 587 words
  2. Workouts for the Paleo Lifestyle – 533 words
  3. How to Eat Like a Paleo Athlete – 475 words
  4. Workout Recovery – 432 words
  5. Famous Paleo Athletes You Can Learn From – 542 words
  6.  Are You Working Out Too Hard? – 606 words
  7. Daily Supplements for Success – 481 words
  8. Plan Your Day for Sucess – 640 words
  9. Get Your Green Smoothie On – 455 words
  10. Your Pre and Post Workout Meals – 458 words
  11. Bonus How to Become a Paleo Athlete – 527 words


Report – Paleo for Athletes  – 14 pages, 4569 words

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Why Athletes Choose Paleo
  • Chapter 2 – Eating Paleo for Endurance
  • Chapter 3 – Pre-Workout Foods
  • Chapter 4 – Post-Workout Foods
  • Chapter 5 – Things to Remember


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Bonus – Checklist “What to Eat for Your Workouts”

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Sample 1

“As a paleo eater, you will be focusing on consuming healthy carbs from low glycemic fruits and vegetables, so you don’t need to worry about feeling sluggish or gaining weight. Instead you will find improved mental focus and have energy to burn.

But it is important to understand how to use carbs properly if you are participating in a potentially grueling endurance event. About an hour before, the event, you’ll want to eat some low carb food. Even the most diehard paleo athletes still find that they need a fast acting carbohydrate. You will want to save your dense carbohydrate source for after the event as high glucose is essential to the recovery process.”

Sample 2

“It can be helpful and inspiring to read up on the lives and routines of athletes who are successfully following a paleo lifestyle. Just remember that these athletes have been working out for a long time and have already met the goals that you’re trying to reach. Even though you can achieve these goals, you want to take it slow and only advance when you are truly ready. Remember, even the biggest athletes had to start somewhere.”


Order Now – $27.00

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