Paleo 30 Day Challenge

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10 Paleo Challenge Articles:

  1. 45 Paleo Cooking Essentials – 483 words
  2. How Often Should You Do a Paleo Challenge? – 511 words
  3. Paleo Foods You Can Freeze – 518 words
  4. Preparing for Your 30 Day Paleo Challenge – 611 words
  5. Preparing Your Paleo Kitchen – 585 words
  6. Simple Tricks to Keep You Feeling Full – 413 words
  7. Top Paleo Meal Delivery Services – 493 words
  8. What to Expect Your First Week – 437 words
  9. Where to Buy Paleo Foods Online – 506 words
  10. Preparing Yourself for Success – 427 words

15 Challenge Emails

  1. Day 1 – Mindset
  2. Day 3 – Tools for Success
  3. Day 5 – Meal Planning
  4. Day 7 – Create Your Water Schedule
  5. Day 9 – Prepare for Setbacks
  6. Day 11¬† –¬† Check in With Buddy
  7. Day 13 – Add Lunches to the Mix
  8. Day15 – Shopping Tips
  9. Day 17 – Review Your Journal
  10. Day 19 – Dealing with Cravings
  11. Day 21 – Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen
  12. Day 23 – Add Dinner to the Mix
  13. Day 25 – Check in With Your Buddy
  14. Day 27 – Check in With Your Journal
  15. Day 30 – Where Do You Go Now

Report РPaleo 30 Day Challenge  Р16 pages, 5397 words

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Mindset Matters
  • Chapter 2 – Your Kitchen Clean Out
  • Chapter 3 – Meal Planning 101
  • Chapter 4 – Snacks, Your New Best Friend
  • Chapter 5 – The Art of Accountability
  • Chapter 6 – Tracking Your Changes
  • Chapter 7 – Beyond Your 30 Day Challenge
  • Conclusion

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Checklist #1: Feel Full Foods

Checklist #2: Your 30 Day Plan

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Sample 1

“If you started with nothing but the 45 food items just mentioned, you could make a virtually endless number of paleo-approved recipes and meals. You can additionally purchase any fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that you like. For a simple start, focus on the 45 foods on this paleo essentials shopping list to take the decision-making process out of stocking your paleo kitchen.”

Sample 2

“Have you thought about going on the paleo diet? Perhaps you would like to try it out to see if you can start reaping many of the wonderful benefits and health rewards you have heard others brag about after eating this way. Some people simply want to drop a quick 10 or 20 pounds, and that is definitely possible on the paleo diet plan. If you are thinking about going paleo for an extended period of time, perhaps 30 days or more, you may be wondering what types of foods you can store in the freezer while still sticking to this type of eating plan.”


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