Whole Matters

Because the articles in this pack are based around one topic, you can use them to make content fast and create multiple products quickly. Meaning you will be able to profit from this PLR quickly and easily.

5 PLR articles about Whole Food Living:

  1. What Kind of Whole Are You? – 555 words
  2. What Makes it Whole – 651 words
  3. Eating Whole to Lose Weight – 482 words
  4. Whole Foods to Make You Feel Full – 475 words
  5. Making Whole Food a Family Affair – 430 words



All Articles Bundles Into Report – 11 pages, 37 words

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – What Kind of Whole Are You?
  • Chapter 2 – What Makes it Whole?
  • Chapter 3 – Eating Whole to Lose Weight
  • Chapter 4 – Whole Foods to Make You Feel Full
  • Chapter 5 – Making Whole a Family Affair
  • Conclusion


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Checklist – Types of Whole and Their Rules:



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Sample 1

“There’s something wonderful about eating whole foods. Knowing that you are eating foods that are fresh from nature and as close to their natural state as possible is a very rewarding thing. Not only do you know that you are doing .something good for your health in the moment, but you also know that you are making food choices that are going to help you to heal your body from any lingering effects that it might have from poor past food choices.”

Sample 2

Even though this journey may seem a bit confusing now, with a little time it will all start to become second nature. Yes, in the beginning you may feel like you are spending a lot of time looking for recipes and finding supplies in the grocery store, but over time you will have a ‘go to’ list of things that will be easy for you to use. 


10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Make Money From This Pack:

  1. Create a Short Report
  2. Use the topics for your podcast
  3. Create your next blog series
  4. Pull quotes from the articles to use as social media tweets or Facebook posts
  5. Create a webinar script and give away something at the end (perhaps the short report created in #1?)
  6. Add the quotes to photos to engage instagram and pinterest followers
  7. Make an email autoresponder series
  8. Turn them into interview questions and turn your interview into a Kindle book
  9. Use them as forum topics to connect with others in your niche
  10. Create Periscope or Youtube series showing how these articles relate to your life


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