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Every once in awhile you come across something that is really hard to talk about, but you need help to figure out. This can be anything from uncontrolled flatulence to excessive underarm hair and everything in between.

These are called ‘doorknob’ issues, basically it means they are issues that people would do anything to avoid talking about, and will only bring to their doctor as a last resort.

But the good news is that even though no one wants to talk about these things offline, people will chat up a storm about them online, (you know, because of anonymity and all), and that means that you can be there to show them things like:

  • how foods high in vitamin D can fight bad breath by reducing mouth bacteria
  • how increasing fruits and vegetables can give you easier bowel movements, thereby reducing your chances of getting a hemorrhoid
  • how drinking a green smoothie every morning can clear the skin and make you more mentally alert

Because the right foods can cure pretty much anything, you can help your circle to easily take control of their most embarrassing issues without shelling out a ton of money on meds or having to deal with the embarrassment of asking the teenager at CVS where the hemorrhoid cream is.


And since so many people would rather search online for answers to their most embarrassing issues instead of talking to a real world person about them, you can easily bring lots of new leads into your circle who are desperately looking for a simple fix for their most ‘undercover’ problems.

Problem…Meet PLR

Tiffany Lambert has just launched a series of reports all about embarrassing health topics, and you can get 40+ pages of great content to get you started in this popular niche. She’s got goodies like:

– What You May Not Know About STDs
– What Causes Incontinence – and What You Can Do About It
– Bad Breath Can Become a True Disability
– Causes and Remedies of Excessive Sweating
– Too Embarrassed to Seek Treatment for Hemorrhoids?

And she has even whipped up a nifty video that gives you tips on breaking into this crazy popular niche


EmbarrassingHealthNiches from Tiffany Lambert on Vimeo.


My suggestion? Watch the video and get a glimpse of what you can do with this stuff. If you think this will work for you and your circle,


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