About Me

Hey there, Rachel here, thanks for stopping in. I have had an interest in eating healthy eating foRachel-blueborder-FB-160x160r  awhile, but have struggled to be successful at it. My husband and I have had high cholesterol, I’ve had  insulin resistance (came very close to becoming a type 2 diabetic), and yet for some reason staying on a  healthy eating path was really hard for me.

Oddly, I could talk about healthy eating all day, I would take workshops at the yoga studio, get my zen  on, learn from wonderful people who were living a healthy lifestyle and then I would go back to my life,  where everyone ate a certain way and I didn’t know how to be different. I had picky eaters and a small budget and I would choose to eat what I knew they would eat. And as weird as it sounds, even though no one else I know has insulin resistance, the harm I was putting myself in never clicked.

Then recently my son got sick. And after more than a month of doctors visits, second opinions, and tests, followed by two weeks of increasingly horrible pain for him, he won a 3 night stay in the hospital. I won’t say what caused his illness, he does use the internet after all, but I will say that this was an issue he had when he was young, and he was on a low sodium diet so the issue would not be aggrevated. This was discovered when he was 5 but likely started when he was 4 and despite him being thin and healthy, having this condition is beyond his control. For 6 years all of his checkups were good, all of his tests were good, we had somehow found a happy balance in the struggle to keep his sodium low but let him live like a kid. And then he got sick, and all I could wonder was what else we could do for his diet to keep him healthy.

Now, with the most powerful motivation of all, ‘momivation’, I am learning and experimenting with paleo foods, whole foods, and gluten free foods. And because I love learning about healthy foods and have a background in creating PLR, I decided to put these two passions together and create WholeFoodPLR.com.

If you need anything, let us know, and don’t forget to Get Your Free PLR From Whole Food PLR.

Enjoy Your Day Awesome,