Understanding Paleo

Because the articles in this pack are based around one topic, you can use them to make content fast and create multiple products quickly. Meaning you will be able to profit from this PLR quickly and easily.

5 PLR articles about Paleo for Beginners:

  1. What’s So Great About Paleo? – 525 words
  2. Moving for Paleo – 441 words
  3. Paleo Brain Foods – 776 words
  4. Paleo for Kids – 551 words
  5. Your Paleo Plate – 524 words



All Articles Bundles Into Report – 12 pages, 3768 words

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – What’s So Great About Paleo?
  • Chapter 2 – Moving for Paleo
  • Chapter 3 – Paleo Brain Foods
  • Chapter 4 –┬áPaleo for Kids
  • Chapter 5 – Your Paleo Plate
  • Conclusion


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Checklist – Paleo Superfoods:


Checklist – Paleo Grocery List

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Sample 1

“Sure, you can find things that claim that they can give you a boost of brain power. There is no shortage of pills and gimmicks that claim that they will be able to help you find better concentration than you had ever thought possible. But how great are these things really? And do you really trust a pill bottle to be able to give your body what it needs?”

Sample 2

“Unless you have been living under a rock you have likely heard of the paleo diet. This is the way of eating that is knocking people all over the world off of their feet. Not only do people who choose to eat paleo look years younger than their age, they are also more energetic, slimmer, and more than anything they are healthier.”


10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Make Money From This Pack:

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  3. Create your next blog series
  4. Pull quotes from the articles to use as social media tweets or Facebook posts
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  6. Add the quotes to photos to engage instagram and pinterest followers
  7. Make an email autoresponder series
  8. Turn them into interview questions and turn your interview into a Kindle book
  9. Use them as forum topics to connect with others in your niche
  10. Create Periscope or Youtube series showing how these articles relate to your life


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